Chances are, if you aren’t using one of our Daytona Beach website designers, they simple don’t! What if you are going it alone? If you are currently managing your own site, our first question for you is, “WHY?!” You are a business owner with plenty on your plate. Managing employees, making phone calls, attending meetings and conferences, and still having time for yourself is a full-time job for a business owner. Your site is one of the most important forms of advertising for your business, and if you are using a sub-par Daytona Beach website designer or doing it on your own, you aren’t efficiently and effectively managing this important aspect of your business. If you’re using a Daytona Beach website designer other than one of ours, here are some signs that you need to call us today!

They are Overseas

Let us start by saying that no matter which country a designer is in, they can be good or great at their profession. With that being said, however, it benefits your business more to have a Daytona Beach website designer as opposed to a designer in a foreign country for a number of reasons. Let’s say you have a question at 9am about your website and you want to speak to the person who developed and maintains the site. When you pick up the phone to call one of our Daytona Beach website designers, you can rest assured that we work the hours that you work, and you won’t have to worry about making your phone call and waiting for an answer to your question because you are in a different time zone than your website designer.

There is Simply No SEO

Our Daytona Beach website designers know how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to a website. You can hire a sub-par Daytona Beach website designer to develop a killer-looking site for you with excellent graphics and Oxford scholar grammar, but if your website isn’t optimized for search engines like Google, no one is going to find it when they search for the services that your business provides. Our team of Daytona Beach website designers constantly monitor trending keywords for your business and reflect these keywords on your website frequently. If you are spending money to have a great site, what is the point if no one is finding it?

Thanks for the Money, Enjoy Your Site

The biggest red flag that you have chosen the wrong Daytona Beach website designer is that you spoke with them over the phone about what you want your site to look like and accomplish, paid for their services, received a website, and never heard from them again, or only speak to them when you call them with a question. When you contact our Daytona Beach website designers, we will set up a time to meet with you to discuss your wants and needs for your website, and give you some suggestions as to what has worked for our past and current clients with similar goals. The most important thing to look for from Daytona Beach website designers is that they are asking questions. What does your company do? Who is your competition? What are your target customers? These questions will help your Daytona Beach website designers create and maintain an optimum site for your business, and if these questions aren’t asked, you should probably not trust them to create a quality site.

When it comes to choosing the right Daytona Beach website designer, we have you covered from start to finish. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss how we can create a top-notch site for your business today!